Financial Coaching


One of the most challenging relationships we have to navigate is our relationship with money.  Unfortunately, most of us were never taught in school about budgeting, saving for retirement and how to avoid or get out of debt.  I believe that financial literacy is one of the most empowering things we can learn because it will impact every area of our life.


As a Professional Organizer, I have helped some of my clients learn how to better organize their money simply because I have a sincere passion for balancing my checkbooks (yes, I still have checkbooks!) and telling my money exactly where I want it to go every month. 


In order to be able to help more people with this problem area, I took a comprehensive Financial Coaching training.  I am happy to add this service to those that I offer to clients.


If you are struggling with making ends meet, with how to pay off your debts or how to create and stick to a budget and would like to explore how you could change that, please contact me so that we can schedule a no obligation phone call to find out if some Financial Coaching might be right for you.