Take the Questionnaire

Clutter is about more than your stuff

Your thoughts influence how you're able to organize your space. Ask yourself the following questions to find out how your thoughts are getting in the way of your organizing efforts.

1. Who would you like to be, that you can't be right now, because of your clutter?

2. What dreams do you want your space to support?

3. Where would you like to focus your time and energy once you're organized?

4. When would you like to be organized by?

5. Why have you been unable to get and stay organized?

If you are intrigued by your answers to the these questions or had difficulty answering them, give me a call at 513.305.0401 and we'll walk through it together.

I look forward to helping you decide your next step.

Polly Giblin, The Mess Mender

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