"Focus on Where You Want to Go..."

December 10, 2017
Focus on Where You are Going
"Not on What You Fear."     -Anthony Robbins 

Whether you're ready or not, the holidays are here! It can be so easy to get overwhelmed by it all.  One of the most troublesome aspects is the getting together with family.  For some, this is a joyous time that they look forward to all year.  For others, the tension starts at Thanksgiving, at the thought of getting together with their family.  If that tension is what we focus on, it will negatively affect our enjoyment of all the other aspects of the season that we do enjoy.  Considering the fact that decorations start showing up even before Thanksgiving, the season lasts longer and longer.  The time we actually spend with family is probably the smallest piece of the experience.  So if you spend your time focusing on what you enjoy about this time of year instead of dreading some aspect of it, you'll have a much happier experience. You may actually find the joy in the season again. 
Here is the question:  
What do you enjoy about this time of year?  How much are you focused on it?