Blog Entries - Nov. 2011

The thrill of victory and the illusion of defeat.....

November 23, 2011

It’s amazing how powerful the mind is. We can think ourselves into all sorts of perspectives. For instance, we can choose to see events as failures or simply a redirection of our plan. (Who said our way was the best

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"The" vs. "My"

November 15, 2011

There can be a huge difference between trying to be “The” best at something versus working at being “my” best at something. That may sound like a terribly obvious statement but really getting it

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What time is it?

November 4, 2011

Years ago there was a show on TV called Northern Exposure. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. It was quirky and fun and always surprising. One of the things I like the most about it was that there was

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