Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing it...

November 27, 2019
Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing it...
It's Thanksgiving

...Is Like Wrapping a Present and Not Giving It."   ~William Arthur Ward 

It's Thanksgiving!!  Odds are most of us will be spending time with family and/or friends.  It is the day when most people are asked "What are you thankful for?" or "What are you grateful for?"  Hopefully we think about all that we have to be grateful for more than just once a year.  But it seems like being grateful is only half of the equation.  Expressing our feelings of gratitude takes things full circle; it lets peoples know how important they are to us.  It lets them know that they matter and that what they have to offer matters.  Sometimes we can express our thanks with a simple "Thanks so much!"  Or we can be more descriptive about specifically how someone's contribution impacted us. 
There are all sorts of relationships in which we can express our gratitude both in our personal and professional lives.  If you're interested in some creative ideas for various situations, click here.  It's a long list so there's something for everyone!  Even if you choose just one new technique, as long as you put it into practice, it will make a positive difference for all involved.  
Here is the question:  
How often do you express the gratitude you feel?  What is your favorite way of expressing those feelings? 
Feeling Gratitude and Not Expressing it...




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