Good bye and good riddence!

November 13, 2012

Today starts my 48th year on the planet.  I know some folks shudder at the thought of getting older and sometimes I'm not too thrilled with all that comes along with it, but I have to say that I couldn't escape being 47 fast enough.  It was easily the most challenging year of my life.  Fortunately my health is now on the upswing and as I sit here writing and thinking about all the horrible things I've endured this year, I can't help but also think about all the positive changes I've experienced because of the same health challenges.  It's an odd thing to feel myself becoming someone new not so much because I wanted to but because it was in the name of healing.  I didn't always go easily but I went.  I'm a lot calmer than I used to be and thanks to a couple of warnings from Kentucky's and Indiana's finest, I'm driving the speed limit these days.  I know that getting pulled over twice in two months was a strong bit of advice  from the Universe to "Slow down!!!" and not just while driving. 

I wasn't looking to change.  I thought I was doing just fine, although the evidence in my life was not consistent with that belief.  Now I find myself someone I barely recognize but that is easier to like and much easier to get along with (at least from my perspective!)

As I move into my 48th year, I'm gratefully bringing the lessons with me and leaving those specific challenges behind me, knowing there will be others down the road.