If You Concentrate on What You Don’t Have...

June 22, 2018
If you concentrate on what you don’t have...

 You Will Never, Ever Have Enough."          -Oprah Winfrey

One of the most common things I hear from clients is "I love this.....fill in the blank." I've been hearing it so much lately that it occurred to me that it's not the item(s) that they want and enjoy; it's the experience of feeling love that they enjoy. But is there really a difference between the love we feel about an object we already own and the love we feel about something new?  Obviously we felt an attraction to the older item at the time we bought it. It seems like it might be a matter of focus. Once something becomes a part of our environment, it's easy to overlook it. It blends into the background. Since all the new things are in stores and we haven't been looking at them for years, they are easier to see.  The next time you're feeling the need to 'feel the love', give this a try:  walk around your house and focus on what's already there. Remember the reasons why you acquired what you already have. It might just connect you to that feeling of love you're looking for.
Here is the question:
How can you practice feeling love without buying something new?
Getting Started with The Mess Mender

Mess Mender Services & Pricing: 

The Preliminary Consultation (60-90 Minutes): We will tour your home and talk about what you would like to change and what you could do with your space that clutter is keeping you from accomplishing. After the tour, we will create a plan of action for transforming your space from overwhelming to outstanding$50.00/session

On-going Consulting: Designed to help you conquer your organizing challenges, our on-going sessions consist of coaching around organizing and my hands-on help with decluttering and removal of any items you decide to donate. Donating helps you see more progress right away and it prevents the donation items from becoming a new pile of clutter. $50.00/hour

*All clients receive a postcard after each session that summarizes the activity in that session and celebrates progress! 

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