Live Your Dreams

October 6, 2016
Road to Dreams
Everybody is afraid of something.  Some people seem to have lots of fears and others seem to have none at all.  But in my experience, no matter how together someone may appear, even he/she is afraid of something.  The issue is not about getting rid of our fears but about how we choose to behave despite those fears.  I love performing in my band.  I love being up on stage and making music and especially singing.  I get excited every time we get the opportunity to perform.  It was not always this way.  In the beginning I had terrible stage freight!  It was terrifying to be up there with all eyes on us.  It felt like everyone would notice every mistake I made.  Yikes!  But here's what made it worth it;  I wanted what was on the other side of that fear.  I wanted to enjoy being on stage.  So I kept at it.  And every time I finished a performance, I felt a little closer to my goal.  These days I happily jump at the chance to perform.  Having to face our fears is not a reason to walk away from our dreams.  It's merely the price of admission.   
Here is the Question: 
Which of your dreams is more important than the fear that's stopping you?