The Quality of Our Lives is Influenced By...

July 7, 2019
The Other Side of Because

what's on the other side of our "because."               

I was recently on vacation with a friend in Colorado and spending some time in the vapor caves (an awesome experience if you enjoy a good sweat!). It gave me some time to simply reflect. I wanted to go to the caves because I was curious about what in the heck they were. And that got me thinking about why I choose to do anything that I do. I had gone white water rafting earlier in the week because I was scared to do it and wanted to face that fear. It seems like so many of my 'becauses' are focused outside of myself. Often they are influenced by what others are suggesting or what my programming is saying I should do. I started wondering how different my life would be if I paid more attention to the other side of that because. Maybe try more things simply because they are fun or because I want to not because it's healthy or because "they" say it's good for me. As you move through this next week, pay attention to:  
Here is the Question: 
What is on the other side of your because? 
The Quality of Our Lives is Influenced By...

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