Think Before You Buy

October 27, 2016
Think Before You Buy
"You're casting a vote for the kind of world you want."  -Anna Lappe
It happens all the time.  We go into a store, knowing exactly what we need to buy, and then, by the time we get back to the car, we've spent way more than we intended and have bags full of stuff we didn't even know we "needed" until we got to the store.  Or sometimes we are doing well sticking to our purchase plan and then WHAM! we see the Buy 1 get 1 for half price sign.  How can we walk away from such a great deal?!  If we needed one of something, isn't two better?  And at such a great price!  If we walk away now it's like throwing money away.  If you find yourself being tempted to buy more than you intended, take a moment to consider if you really need more.  
Here is the Question: 
Are your purchases in alignment with the life you want to be living?