Through a child's eyes

August 12, 2015
Through a child's eyes

It rained here last week.  A lot.  It was one of the rare mornings when I didn't have to be up and out of the house right away.  I would normally listen to the radio but the rain was falling so gently and insistently I felt compelled to open a couple of windows and simply listen.  It's been years since I did nothing but listen to the rain.  It almost felt like the air itself was energized.  It reminded me of the fact that as kids, we loved when it rained!  I would stay outside and stomp around in the puddles, draw pictures in the mud, or simply pick some up and squish it through my fingers.  Rain was an event not to be missed!  We would also head down to the creek for the launching of our armada of "ships" made from sticks and leaves and follow along on the banks as they headed down stream.  As adults, we tend to do all we can to avoid the weather.  In the warmer weather, we cover up with umbrellas or stay put until the rain stops.  In the winter, we run from warm cars to  warm buildings in order to avoid the falling snow and cold air.

I'll admit that I do those things sometimes, but for the most part I still enjoy feeling the rain and snow falling on my face.  I don't splash around in puddles as much but if I'm at home, I will take a walk and splash around a bit.

Instead of seeing the weather as an inconvenience and something to be avoided, try looking at it, whatever it happens to be offering, as a wondrous, ever-changing aspect of each day.