Unless Commitment is Made...

January 21, 2019
Commit to your Goal

There are Only Promises and Hopes...but No Plans.   

-Peter Drucker

Now that we're more than 20 days into January, how are you doing on your goals/resolutions?  I heard a new perspective on goals that might shed some light on why we succeed at some and fail at others. It has to do with the intention behind why we chose it in the first place.  Some of the ideas that show up in our heads are interesting. We can sometimes interpret that interest as a desire to accomplish something. But sometimes that interest is just that, a passing interest.  Then there are those goals that we are committed to; those goals that we will accomplish regardless of the obstacles that show up.  There is a big difference between being interested in doing something and being committed to doing something. Take a look at the goals/resolutions you made for 2019 and for each of them consider this question: 
Are you interested in achieving this goal or committed to achieving this goal?  
Unless Commitment is Made...

Mess Mender Services and Pricing

The Preliminary Consultation (60-90 Minutes): We will tour your home and talk about what you would like to change and what you could do with your space that clutter is keeping you from accomplishing. After the tour, we will create a plan of action for transforming your space from overwhelming to outstanding$50.00/session

On-going Consulting: Designed to help you conquer your organizing challenges, our on-going sessions consist of coaching around organizing and my hands-on help with decluttering and removal of any items you decide to donate. Donating helps you see more progress right away and it prevents the donation items from becoming a new pile of clutter. $50.00/hour

*All clients receive a postcard after each session that summarizes the activity in that session and celebrates progress! 

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