Who Made...

September 26, 2020
Who Made this Big Mess?
Who Made this Big Mess?
...This Big Mess?"         -Lunette the Clown 

When my godson was a baby, I used to babysit him on the weekends.  One of the shows he enjoyed watching was The Big Comfy Couch with Lunette the clown.  Lunette sat on an enormous couch and would pull items from between the cushions throughout the show.  At the end of the show, she would look straight into the camera and declare:  "Who made this big mess?"    

The camera would zoom in and she would always sound surprised when she asked "I did?" Then she would decide that it was time for the 10 second tidy.  There would then be a time-lapsed segment of her cleaning up all the items she had strewn all over the floor.     
Long before I was a professional organizer, I loved this part of the show.  It was silly and fast-paced. To this day I sometimes look around my own house and ask "Who made this big mess?!" and then I do my own version of the 10 second tidy.  In my case it's more like a 10 minute tidy. I generally don't finish the area I'm working in but it's surprising how much I can get done in only 10 minutes.  It's the perfect way to hold clutter at bay. Give it a try the next time you're starting to feel overwhelmed.  
Here's the Question:  
Where in your day could you include a 10 minute tidy?