"You Can Start Changing Our World for the Better..."

September 28, 2020
Change the World
Change the World
no matter how small the action."         -Nelson Mandela 
It's true that the world around us is changing faster and faster every day.  Because there are some very large issues that are playing out right now, it can seem impossible for one individual to make any substantial difference in any of them. However, each of us changes the world every day just by being in it.  It's not a question of IF we are changing the world. It's a question of HOW we are changing the world. I was watching an organizing show and a comment from one of the organizers was "Changing the world one closet at a time." It got me thinking about how I'm changing the world. What I came up with is "I'm changing the world one question at a time."  This email is not the only place that I ask questions. I'm always asking questions; lots of them.  Even if we aren't making a global impact with our efforts, we are affecting those around us every day. And who's to say that our local impact won't someday expand to include the world? 


Here's the Question:  
How would you complete this statement?
"I'm changing the world one ___________ at a time."