You Don't Have to be Great to Start...

January 12, 2019
Organizing Project

But You Have to Start to be Great."       

-Zig Zigler 

Last week I completed a year-long experiment. The previous December I had turned all the hangers in my closet backward.  The idea was that when I would wear something, I would put the hanger back in the closet frontwards.  That way, after a year, I would have an exact idea of what I had actually worn. I don't have a lot of clothes so I was surprised to discover that I had not worn 38 items. That's about 30% of what's in my closet! I decided to get rid of between 30 - 50% of what I hadn't worn (some of them are specialty items, like the pants, shirt, and vest for my Dr. Who costume, so those certainly stay). It was pretty easy since I had forgotten I owned most of the items. This was a really fun organizing project because it didn't take a lot of time, it was small in scope and I knew definitively that I had not and would not wear those clothes.  Plus I love having the extra room in my closet with all those items removed. Getting organized often feels like an overwhelming proposition but it doesn't have to be. Just choose one project you've been thinking about forever and decide to make this year the year you actually do it.  
Here's the Question: 
What one, long-standing organizing project will you complete this year? 
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